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TOKYO (Reuters) – No internet, no email and surveillance cameras to monitor his comings and goings antique pearl cufflinks. After paying $9 million in bail, former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn is out of a Japanese jail cell where he spent 108 days, but he must live under a host of restrictions while he awaits trial, which could be a year away. As part of the bail deal arranged by his new legal team hired last month, Ghosn is banned from accessing the internet and email, and only allowed to use a computer not linked to the web at the office of one of his lawyers..

Ghosn, who has French, Brazilian and Lebanese citizenship, was indicted for under-reporting his salary and breach of trust. He must pay for the installation of surveillance cameras in the entrance of his Tokyo residence. Footage will be viewed by members of the defense legal team and records sent to the Tokyo District Court, said Ghosn’s renowned defense lawyer Junichiro Hironaka. “The cameras will be placed where they can monitor those coming in and out. It’s not for recording Ghosn’s daily life,” said Hironaka, who is nicknamed “the Razor” for many high-profile cases he’s won in a country where the conviction rate is 99.9 percent antique pearl cufflinks.

He said he and his colleagues would take turns to monitor. “One person can’t manage, so we’ll divide it between the offices of the three defense attorneys,” he said antique pearl cufflinks. Similarly, records of Ghosn’s phone calls will be kept by his legal team and submitted to the court, Hironaka said. The phone will keep records even if Ghosn attempts to delete them, he said. It wasn’t immediately clear how the internet ban would be enforced, though. If Ghosn violates any of these conditions, the courts could send him back to jail and make him forfeit his $9 million bail, making any attempt to skirt the rules risky..

The Tokyo District Court declined to comment on how the conditions would be monitored antique pearl cufflinks. Ghosn is also prohibited from leaving Japan, which was widely expected, but must remain in Tokyo. He needs the court’s permission if he wants to leave his house for more than two nights. Ghosn had been denied bail twice under his previous legal team, which had proposed he wear a GPS ankle monitor, on grounds that he would be a flight risk or that he would destroy evidence. His new lawyers managed to convince the court otherwise, proposing the restrictions to address concerns..

But Shin Kukimoto, deputy public prosecutor at the Tokyo prosecutors office, said he thought the bail conditions were not sufficient to prevent tampering with evidence. Despite that concern, experts said such restrictions were unusual and even harsh in Japan, which has faced international criticism for the prolonged detention of suspects, who are often held until a trial starts, with defense lawyers banned from interrogations. “We have never seen conditions like this placed on bail. When I saw them I thought it was harsh,” said Shingi Bando an official at the Japan Bail Support Association, which offers support to people who struggle to come up with bail antique pearl cufflinks.